707-999-7221 • 5500 Weber Road, Vacaville, CA 95687

Mark Shaw

It all started when I accidentally split my head open on one of my dad’s glass carboys. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed!

My name is Mark Shaw and I’m the newest Brewer here at Solano Brewing Company. I’m a Solano County Native and I absolutely love it here. I’m married to my gorgeous wife Diana and we have 2 beautiful kids, Elias and Isla. Growing up I came from a household where my Father was always homebrewing. So I practically grew up around it. I remember, as a child, waking up to the smell of freshly mashed grains, the smell of boiling wort, and the godly scent of hop additions. It all stuck with me. Following in his footsteps I picked up homebrewing myself at the age of 23. I instantly fell in love.

To be able to create something of your own, and to enjoy it yourself and with others, is what really got me. I have a growing passion for beer, hops, and the whole brewing process! This is my dream job and has been for quite some time now. I am extremely lucky to have found something I love, and choose it as a career, at such a young age. I’m more than excited to be here and to be able to contribute and share with the community and the whole SBC family. Cheers!

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