707-999-7221 • 5500 Weber Road, Vacaville, CA 95687

“If I brew my own beer, it will be cheaper than buying it.” I said convincingly to my wife, as I contemplated buying my first beer brewing kit. A simple starter kit turned into an obsession with learning everything I could about brewing beer.

Fast forward 10 years and that 5 gallon brewing bucket has now turned into brewing 250 gallon batches at SBC! I am proud to say, my beers have won: Local, State and National awards which makes me so excited to produce them on a large scale at SBC so everyone can sample and enjoy them.

On the personal note, I have been married to my wife Erin for 11 years and we have two kids together, Jonathan and Abigail. My favorite beers at SBC are Hazy on the 80, El Chivo and Never Frozen. Cheers!

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