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Brian Bell

In 2013, I watched a couple of YouTube videos on home brewing. The next week, I bought an extract kit from Napa Fermentation and with the help of my neighbor, we made that first batch of Malty magic. I was amazed at the process of what we created; it was the best beer I’d ever tasted, (Haha), I was hooked.

In 2015, it was time to move to a more permanent brewing location where the space was dedicated to brewing. The “Brew Shack” was born about 1,000 ft from where SBC sits now. I can still remember how big the first commercial 3.5-barrel brew house system I brewed on seemed at that time, but now, seeing the 3.5 barrel fermenter next to our new 30-barrel fermenters, it reminds me how far we have come.

About myself, I was born and raised Benicia, CA. When I was young, I was always involved in open wheel racing. I raced dirt and pavement sprint gokarts locally and around the US from age 12 to 20. Later I started working in a machine shop in Vallejo after high school making Sprintcar parts. In 2010, I started working at a national laboratory as a machinist. Racing and Brewing are my life’s passion, right below my lovely wife Debbie of 35 years, 3 sons and 2 grandchildren.

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